Antigen testing rolled out to UK businesses

January 15 2021

We are continuing to work hard to keep businesses operating at peak efficiency through our range of occupational health services and are delighted to announce an important new offering – antigen testing for employers.

Antigen testing is proving invaluable in the battle with COVID – helping firms keep staff safe and our new expanded service means the workforce of a large company can be tested regularly on-site with results known in just 15 minutes.

The test allows employers and managers to carry out rapid cost-effective screening and outbreak control by quickly identifying COVID infected team members within businesses, workforces, organisations, education and community groups from a simple swab. 

An effective test

There is an ever growing number of Lateral Flow Antigen tests on the market but it is important to remember that they don’t all produce the best results and some are more accurate than others.

We supply the Siemens Clinitest which has Public Health England approval, is CE marked, used widely within the NHS and is proving crucial in the fight to contain the virus, preventing its spread. 

Studies carried out by the developer across a number of different sites and clinical environments revealed high quality results in performance:

  • Sensitivity 98.22% 
  • Specificity 99.22%
  • Accuracy 99.44% 

The Siemens Clinitest is proving hugely successful and is very much in demand. Its reliability and accuracy are giving employers all over the country the confidence to keep business moving safely.

How it works

Antigens are viral proteins and rapid antigen tests are commonly used in the diagnosis of respiratory pathogens, including influenza viruses and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Antigen tests are immunoassays that detect the presence of a specific viral antigen, which implies current viral infection.

The nasal swab test is performed by a professional and is not available for at home testing. Testing is available from us at £20 plus VAT per test. There is a minimum order of 20 units and the cost of a nurse is additional.

Why choose My Occ Health?

My Occ Health is part of Ryminster Medical Group and is registered and regulated in England with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC regulates all health and social care services in England, ensuring the quality and safety of care we provide as a registered member. 

This means you can always have complete confidence in the service we provide in our commitment to keep your business operating efficiently.

For more information about antigen testing or to book, visit


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