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Antibody Testing

Reduce the spread of infection I Manage employee absences
Minimise risk to your business operations

With fast developing news on the coronavirus outbreak, employers are having to put in place contingency plans to minimise the spread of infection.

Employees who have obtained advice from a GP or 111 to isolate at home will have triggered their right to sick pay, and therefore employers are querying how to handle sick pay and self-isolation.

NHS England/Public Health England advice is for high risk individuals to be tested for conoravirus if they have travelled back from an affected area or come in to close contact with someone with a confirmed case. Updated advice can be found at

How it works

  • Essential for workforce surveillance. Antibodies do not guarantee immunity but are likely to offer some protection;
  • Straightforward blood sample taken by registered nurse which is sent for laboratory analysis;
  • Visit our clinic or we will come to you for multiple samples;
  • Accurate and reliable to specifically detect COVID-19 IgG (longer lasting) antibodies;

The process

  • Book your appointment with our registered nurse;
  • On site clinics can be arranged;
  • Certificates available (for international travel or attending sites).

Turnaround times

  • Results usually available within 24 – 48 hours of being received at the laboratory;
  • Emailed to you securely;

What does the government say?

Sample Collection

Whilst further research is undertaken in which tests may continue to use the home sampling method, the MHRA have stopped this blood collection method.

Below is further information on how you may arrange your venous blood draw carried out by a healthcare professional, either at our clinics or by pre-arranged site visit.

We fully expect the guidance to once again change and for home sample collections to be resumed, if you would like to be informed when we are again able to offer kits posted to your home, please register your details below.

Book Your Antibody Test

Use the following link to book an appointment in Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton.

Enquire for Onsite Visit

Send us an enquiry to arrange an onsite visit for multiple tests.

Home Sample

Complete the form below and we shall notify you when you are able to book your home sample kit.

Order multiple kits

Need multiple kits?

Do you require a number of testing kits? If so please email your requirements to, detailing how many kits are required, where you are based and your contact number and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

The testing kit

How reliable is it?

We have reviewed many products in circulation and have only now decided to offer antibody testing because we have a trusted product which is specific to COVID-19 and sensitive.

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We consider the Siemens’ SARS-COV-2 Total Antibody is the best test on the market to date, whilst not FDA approved Siemens “expect to exceed the stringent FDA quality guidelines”.

The total antibody test assesses the presence of IgG, IgM & IgA antibodies relating to COVID-19.

According to public health institutes such as the CDC, total antibody tests offer better sensitivity than IgG-only antibody tests in identifying people who have been recently infected with COVID-19.

IgG alone may be better for assessing long term durable immunity. However, current scientific evidence is not conclusive this will be the case in COVID-19. Given this uncertainty, a COVID-19 Total Antibody test will deliver the best and most accurate results.

  • Sensitivity – 100%
  • Specificity – >99.8%


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