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PCR Testing

Reduce the spread of infection I Manage employee absences
Minimise risk to your business operations

With fast developing news on the coronavirus outbreak, employers are having to put in place contingency plans to minimise the spread of infection.

Employees who have obtained advice from a GP or 111 to isolate at home will have triggered their right to sick pay, and therefore employers are querying how to handle sick pay and self-isolation.

NHS England/Public Health England advice is for high risk individuals to be tested for conoravirus if they have travelled back from an affected area or come in to close contact with someone with a confirmed case. Updated advice can be found at

How it works

  • PCR testing will accurately identify  if you are infected with COVID-19 and are infectious to other people (even though you may not have any symptoms);
  • Simple throat and nose swab which takes two minutes to administer;
  • Assess if an employee needs to be isolating – a negative test means that they can return to work straight away.

The process

  • Kits sent and returned by first class Royal Mail or choose a courier option;
  • Drive in “clinics” can be arranged on site;
  • Certificates available (for international travel or attending sites).

Turnaround times

  • Results usually available within 24 – 48 hours of being received at the laboratory;
  • Emailed to you securely;

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How reliable is it?

PCR testing is well established and the virus RNA is extracted from the swab and analysed piece by piece to detect COVID-19. Accuracy is greater than 99%. The laboratory used is accredited to ISO 9002 standards and with UKAS and these are maintained through passing regular inspections and maintaining continuous high standards. 


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