Employee Health Screenings
Online health screening for new* and existing employees
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Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to knowing your employees and understanding what they need in terms of occupational health support it can make a huge difference in preventing workplace-related illness – which sees millions of working days lost every year.

An online general health screening of new and existing employees aims to learn about the needs of your staff in terms of their health so that you can ensure they have all the support they need to stay fit and healthy on the job.

An organisation’s workforce is its most important asset, so it makes sense for management to do all they can to prevent or detect illness and promote health and wellbeing.

My Occ Health is able to provide a virtual screening assessment for new employees, whether they are working within an office, in an outdoor environment or at home.

Our expert team can then advise if a further assessment with a Doctor or Specialist is required in order to provide recommendations to support the employee.

Benefits of Screening

  • Improved retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Identify health issues which could impact on work
  • Advise on fitness for role and adjustments that may be needed to improve workability and efficiency
  • Triage health issues so that priority can be given to those who need it
  • Identify baseline health for future screenings
  • Advise on the need for health surveillance
  • Demonstrate commitment to health and wellbeing
  • Support employees to improve their health

How does it work?

Online health screening can be used to screen new or existing employees, although new employees must have at least received a firm job offer before they are asked to complete a health screening.

Our employee health screening questionnaire is available online or in a paper format for employees and it can be offered to employees annually.

If the employee wishes to complete the assessment, they will complete the comprehensive questionnaire and submit it to our team along with their signed consent form

The results will be reviewed by our specialist Occupational Health advisers and a telephone call will be placed to discuss anything which may have been highlighted, taking into account the type of work that will be done and the restrictions on the worker’s working time under the regulations.

Individualised results for each employee will then be provided to the employer.

The results will then be provided in the form of an anonymised data report and any employees who may require further assessment or support will be highlighted.

If a further assessment with a Doctor or Specialist is recommended, we can arrange this for you.

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*These screenings can only be offered to new employees after a firm offer of employment, and they cannot be offered as a pre-employment screening tool.

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