Good mental health – a priority for employers and staff

May 11 2021

Mental health is very much in focus at the moment as employees return to the workplace after a long and challenging year of COVID, or continue working from home as part of a new long-term strategy of employers.

Whether your staff are continuing to work remotely or are heading back to the workplace, many employers are facing up to the need of prioritising good employee mental health and wellbeing.

A better working environment

Companies have a duty of care but it goes further than that! A healthy happy workforce is not only the best situation for them but also a definite advantage for you in terms of productivity and reducing the number of sickness days which can be so damaging to any firm.

COVID have caused many problems and deteriorating mental health is a major concern as staff have had to endure many months of isolation from colleagues and the work environment which can prove so crucial to a healthier lifestyle.

We know a number will continue to work remotely as some companies have seen the undoubted advantages this can have. But whether this is your policy moving forward or whether staff are returning to work, you will want to ensure they are in the peak of mental health. Which is where My Occ Health comes in!

Answering the call

Our fully qualified occupational health doctors are the best option to help you ensure your employees are healthy and are able to remain so through a prompt, quality service that offers a range of occupational health services.

We provide online and telephone consultations alongside a return to more face-to-face meetings at centres across the UK and Northern Ireland as the roadmap to reopening the country after lockdown continues in the months ahead.

Most consultations are carried out within five days, minimising lengthy waiting times for appointments, which means a short turnaround in providing you and your employee with quick and accurate reporting.

We provide healthchecks and screenings along with clear medical advice and support and a pathway to referral for further treatments should they prove to be necessary.

Options to suit the employer and employees

In short, a consultation with a My Occ Health doctor will reduce normal waiting times, cut down travel needs and provide a more convenient option with appointments arranged at times to suit the employer and their employees.

Good health in the workplace is being increasingly seen as a top priority for companies and staff. The last year has placed more emphasis on general and mental health and wellbeing – My Occ Health can help you achieve it!


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