blood pressure check for workaholic

High blood pressure risk for workaholics

September 05 2021

Were you aware that being a workaholic could seriously affect your blood pressure? Long hours increase the risk of high blood pressure which may in turn result in the development of cardiovascular disease – so it’s something employers need to be aware of.

These problems are being brought firmly into focus with the Blood Pressure UK’s annual Know Your Numbers! Week which runs from September 6th to the 12th and is aimed at lowering high blood pressure by encouraging all UK adults to get a check.

A great opportunity

It’s a really good time for employers to be aware of the dangers and ensure their staff get a blood pressure test, while also stressing the importance of a good work/life balance which will benefit health and wellbeing.

There are an estimated six million people in the UK who have high blood pressure and don’t know it, and working long hours could be adding to the problem – possibly creating a condition known as masked hypertension, something that doesn’t appear with standard screening.

A Canadian study shows that working 49 or more hours each week is linked to a 70% higher risk of masked hypertension and a 66% increased chance of regular sustained hypertension. The results are the same for both men and women and provide a greater risk to the development of cardiovascular disease.

Keeping a check

Employers can ensure blood pressure levels of their employees are kept in check through blood pressure testing as part of our health check service which can be delivered at your business..

The ideal blood pressure reading should be under 120/80mmHg but it should be noted that there has been a general rise in the number of high blood pressure cases during the last 18 months due to fewer tests being carried out because of COVID.

High blood pressure is a serious concern, putting a strain on the arteries and organs which can increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Unfortunately, 350 people each day in the UK will have a stroke or a heart attack which could be prevented through regular monitoring which enables any changes to be recognised.

Know Your Numbers! Week is the UK’s largest blood pressure testing and awareness event of the year and something we support wholeheartedly. Why don’t you ensure your staff are safeguarded by having their blood pressure tested?


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