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Keep on top of your cholesterol with a blood test!

October 01 2021

Cholesterol is known as the silent killer, a condition which has no outward signs or symptoms so creeps up on you without any warning – which is why National Cholesterol Month in October is so important at raising awareness.

More than one third of the adult population in the UK have borderline or raised cholesterol levels – a high figure, but it can be checked and addressed quickly and easily with a simple blood test.

We can provide you with a blood test to check your cholesterol, all you have to do is book the appointment! You may also be interested to know that we provide general health checks where a blood test to check cholesterol levels is part of the service.

What is cholesterol?

There are different types of cholesterol, we all need some but having too much can lead to serious health problems. The two main types are High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol, also generally known as Good Cholesterol, and Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol, which is known as Bad Cholesterol.

Having too much Bad Cholesterol can block up the arteries and ultimately lead to serious health issues if unchecked while Good Cholesterol helps prevent disease because it contains lots of protein which helps to carry the cholesterol to the liver where it can be broken down and removed from the body.

The older you get the more likely your cholesterol levels will rise and people are often more at risk due to:

  • The jobs they do – sedentary work such as long hours sitting at a desk, professional driving or working on a production line.
  • Taking little or no exercise.
  • Cholesterol running in the family.
  • Unhealthy eating.
  • Smoking.
  • Having other health issues, such as diabetes.
  • Being overweight.

These are important considerations, but it should be remembered that there are no hard and fast rules and anyone can be affected by high cholesterol levels at any time. 

It’s important for adults to have their cholesterol checked regardless of age and how healthy they feel. A blood test will tell you what your total cholesterol to HDL ratio figure is with anything above 6 considered too high. A blood test is the only way of knowing for certain what your cholesterol levels are and if they are giving cause for concern – you can then talk through with your doctor what action you need to take to reduce them. This can involve making some changes to your diet and exercise habits and there is also medication available if necessary to help you meet your targets.


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