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Management referrals, Occupational Health

Download, complete the referral form and pay
Choose from a list of common OH questions or create your own
Upload and include the employee’s consent

Early intervention is essential to managing staff absence and any occupational health issues which arise. Unlike other occupational health providers, our team of doctors at My Occ Health provide the ultimate, prompt and efficient occupational health service to both employers and employees through our same day response and an Online Consultation within 48 hours, including weekends and bank holidays and all on a pay-as-you-go service without a lengthy or costly retainer.

There’s no need to attend a clinic, and we provide advice and guidance very quickly so that you can put a plan in place, you only ever pay for what you need, when you need it.

Why make a management referral?

Managers might have concerns about the health of an employee related to their job, so a specialist health adviser would be needed to provide your business with some advice. The most common type of assessment will come from an expert occupational health service like we provide at My Occ Health.

This reason specialists are used is because the employee’s own GP, whilst understanding their health issues and their patient, may not have an insight into the work processes or the hazards that can be present in the work environment. Also, and more importantly, is the relationship between doctor and patient which is mostly based on the GP being fully supportive of their patient, meaning that making decisions regarding employment would be difficult due to the conflicting interests between work and health?

An independent medical assessment from an occupational health service is the best way to obtain an objective and medically competent opinion. This is especially important for high-risk work where there is the question of long-term capability, or the situation has domestic issues and conflicts with management. Reasons for management referrals can include:

  • Repeated absences by workers both long and short term
  • Seeking advice on capability, is the person able to do that job with a medical problem?
  • If an individual is coming back from sick leave and advice on a suitable rehabilitation programme
  • Disciplinary issues that are related to illness
  • A range of other instances, such as if drugs are involved in an accident or poor performance

The difficulty is there are so many health issues, managers can’t be expected to know how each one affects each individual. Management referrals must follow the ethical practice, which includes having knowledge about:

  • Relevant guidance and the law surrounding data protection, confidentiality, and an individuals’ rights, for example giving consent
  • Manager’s expectations, they will get a report that is clear, pragmatic, concise, helpful, and written in everyday language
  • The referee/employee/patient expectations from the appointment, e.g., understanding advice, discussing the way forward, having the opportunity to ask questions etc
  • How the system works best in your company and requirements to do so, for example, policy, communications, rules, co-operation, honesty, trust, patience, and a level of understanding of health principles

How it works

Speed and quality are of the essence so the process is quick and simple: –

  • Download, complete the referral form and pay;
  • Choose from a list of common OH questions or create your own;
  • Upload and include the employee’s consent;

We do the rest! We’ll reach out to the employee and arrange a video or telephone call with one of our occupational health doctors.

The process

Making a referral to My Occ Health couldn’t be easier, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download your referral form:

Management Referral Form
Consent form

  1. Complete both the appropriate referral and consent forms and upload them in our referral portal below.
  2. Click confirm; please note you will be directed to our payment gateway to complete your order.

Following receipt of referral our occupational health specialist will contact your client directly, but we will contact you to confirm that your referral and payment have been received.

Turnaround times

On receipt of the completed referral and consent form we shall: – 

  • Offer the employee an appointment within 48 hours by telephone or Skype;
  • 30 minute consultation based on your instructions in the referral form;
  • Report returned by the doctor within 48 hours and returned, depending on the consent provided, either:
    • to both employer and employee or, 
    • or for initial review and comment by the employee (maximum 48 hours allowed)

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