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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you only deal with Human Resources departments?

Answer: My Occ Health deal with companies large and small, the answers on this page HR can also be read as business decision maker.

Question: How can Good Occupational Health Save my Business money

Answer: Three ways

  1. Reducing churn of staff, thus shrinking recruitment, training and job adaption costs
  2. Optimise work flow planning & minimising staff absence; when you are confident that you’ll have all your staff available you can plan, schedule and deliver projects with greater certainty. Thus increasing profits.
  3. Promotes ethos of staff attendance if staff are aware there is a robust absence procedure supporting management.

Question: How long can someone be on sick leave before I can request they take an Occupational health assessment

Answer: No minimum however it is important to consider why the member of staff is absent. Do they have:

  • Single problem e.g. fractured limb
  • Multiple pathologies e.g. fractured & dislocated limb
  • Ongoing health issues e.g. diabetes, angina etc

We understand this is a sensitive issue and each case is different however; if the employee has gone over the original “planned” absence period or has cast doubt upon their own ability to perform; then a review sooner rather than later would help all parties.

Question: Can I make my staff go to an Occupation Health assessment?

Answer: No, but we make it as easy as possible for them attend. To assist them we can offer a variety of times at a variety of locations. (see side bar) in addition we can offer:

  • Home visit
  • Work Place Visit

Ultimately, if the matter becomes a disciplinary issue and/or if the employee still will not co-operate,  My Occ Health can still assist you if the need  arises i.e. we can verify the employee non-co-operation or provide a medico-legal report if  medical records are provided.

Question: What areas of expertise do you offer that my HR department doesn’t?

Answer: We have expert medico-legal knowledge which can be the key to understanding how complicated medical issues relate to the employment law.or questions HR need an answer to. In addition, My Occ Health report cuts through confusing or ambiguous medical terminology to solve complicated health issues beyond most HR Individual’s  professional knowledge.

You can be safe in knowledge that a My Occ Health report protects employer & employee as it provides HR with robust occupational health advice on which they can base and justify personnel decisions e.g. terminating employment due to lack of capability.

In addition Medico-Legal advice gives support to HR departments when accounting for their decisions to a board of directors or related bodies and, more importantly, it stops human resources & managers from taking the wrong decisions.

Question: Can you advise on how to sack an employee?

Answer: No, however, we can provide the independent medical evidence which an employment tribunal would identify, accept & appreciate if the matter was heard in court.

Question: What Legal requirements does an Occupational Health check cover?

Answer: Considers employees health in the context of:

  • Their job description (contractual duty of the employee to employer)
  • Plus it considers employees health in the context of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and any subsequent H&S legislation to discharge the statutory obligation of the employer to employee
  • And, if a physical or mental disability question arises, the Equality Act 2010

Question: Why should I trust My Occ Health?

We have been supporting our clients since 2009,  and in that time our experts have completed over 45,000 medical reports and over 50,000 employment medicals.

Our selective recruitment and training process ensures that we continue to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

We are also members of COHPA and we are ISO 9001 accredited.

If you have any questions about our service please call or email us and our team will be happy to provide you with further information and discuss your requirements.