Referral Terms & Conditions

  1. By completing the referral form and paying you (or those for whom you are acting as a servant or agent) are creating a contract with Ryminster Healthcare Limited, company number 07844746(trading as MyOccHealth), hereinafter referred to as “MOH”; for occupational health (OH) advice by skype or telephone consultation (hereinafter “the consultation”).  
  2. MOH shall offer the earliest available consultation and on acceptance by you either orally or in writing the execution of this contract shall be deemed to occur at the agreed consultation time. 
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure that the consultation mode is appropriate;
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that the referral form is accurate and complete.
  5. If the consultation does not go ahead because of any failure on your part or those who you act as a servant or agent for, or your/their employees, or any related party who is the subject of the consultation then a fee will reasonably be chargeable. 
  6. The clinician conducting the consultation shall make three attempts to contact the subject; where possible a message will be left with the subject advising them. If after three attempts of contact there is no answer then the consultation will be deemed to have failed. 
  7. If the subject is using a portable device, it is at the clinician’s discretion to deem if a consultation fails because of poor reception or repeated interruption. 
  8. Any consultation cancelled within 24 hours of the consultation time or not attended will result in a refund of no more than half of the fee you paid, plus VAT 
  9. At the discretion of MOH you may re-arrange a like-for-like consultation without incurring any additional charges, if this is advised 24 hours prior to the consultation time. 
  10. You may postpone a consultation, if this is advised 24 hours prior to the consultation time,for up to thirty consecutive days. Thereafter, you will be refunded no more than half of the fee which you paid, plus VAT.
  11. If MOH is unable to carry out a consultation, for whatever reason, you unequivocally accept that MOH’s liability shall be limited to no more than the fee which you have paid for the consultation. MOH shall to be responsible for any consequential loss
  12. As the referrer you are responsible for the content and accuracy of the referral form. Be aware that under a subject access request the referral form may be viewed by the subject of the referral and any inaccurate information or personal comments about the subject would be available to that person. 
  13. Being responsible for the content of this form you are indemnifying MOH against any complaint or claim arising from inaccurate or false information contained therein.