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PPE supplies
(Personal Protective Equipment)

Reduce the spread of infection | Manage employee absences
Minimise risk to your business operations

This information comes predominantly from the WHO advice on 6th April which specifically relates to the use of masks in the context of COVID-19. It must be understood that the requirements of frontline healthcare workers, which is determined by risk assessment, is absolutely different to the needs of the general population in circulation and at work. It is essential that PPE and hand sanitising must be provided together otherwise the benefit will be greatly reduced. The two kits are below:

ppe supplies

PPE starter kit

Recommended protective equipment for 5 employees for 5 days, including an IR thermometer.

1 x IR thermometer
50 x masks
100 x gloves
5 x hand sanitizers


top up

Recommended protective equipment for 5 employees for 5 days.

50 x masks
100 x gloves
5 x hand sanitizers


How to Order PPE

All orders can be made using the form below. Any orders of PPE through My Occ Health entitle you to 10% discount on COVID-19 testing kits for employees. 

Please advise within your order the number of PCR swabs and/or Antibody tests you require.


Continued need for PPE for weeks after lockdown.

We can help you plan for your needs.


See the Latest WHO Advice

Download the official WHO guidance on PPE here

Covid-19 Testing

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All staff isolating will need a negative PCR test before returning to the workplace. Highly accurate and proves if you are no longer infectious. Simple testing kit direct to home while isolating. Fast turnaround time.

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