The value of remote consultations

March 16 2021

The value of remote occupational health consultations has been highlighted during COVID and the pandemic – and is something we believe will be the preferred option for employers and their staff as we exit lockdown and beyond.

But remote consultations are not new to the team here at My Occ Health and the clients we work with….

We were carrying out appointments remotely long before COVID sent us all into a world of lockdown just under a year ago. 

Convenient and effective assessment

We have always recognised the advantages that many others have since discovered. It was, and remains, a highly successful method of working for us and one which is extremely convenient and effective for our clients.

The pandemic raised awareness of the need to change the way things had been done, adapt to restrictions faced and the way the nation operated – not least in the field of physical and mental health. 

Normal appointments were, in the main, no longer possible yet people needed the safety net of being able to access the vital support of trained healthcare professionals.

Dangers to mental health – extended periods of isolation

Lockdown heightened concerns about fitness and dangers to mental health with extended periods of isolation and lack of contact between colleagues in the workplace, creating long-term behavioural and health changes. 

Remote consultations herald a new era of advantages and positive benefits by:

  • Giving access to online GP appointments
  • Consulting on mental health issues
  • A wide range online apps supplying online support
  • Offering support packages for health and wellbeing, fitness programmes and workouts
  • Providing access to a number of virtual healthcare services

Remote consultations

Remote consultations and the provision of other invaluable services may have been born out of necessity but are something which are proving to be a real game-changer in the way advice, diagnosis and treatments are delivered. 

They are:

  • Cutting waiting times
  • Reducing the need for travel
  • A more convenient option for businesses and their employees with appointment easily arranged at times to suit the company and individuals

Remote consultations mean the health and wellbeing of employees can be safeguarded at all times through a streamlined and effective service delivered to suit all requirements. Health is not compromised, expert diagnosis can be given and any further investigation which may be deemed necessary recommended and organised swiftly.


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