What is an Employee Assistance Programme?

May 19 2021

As an employer you will be only too aware about how important it is to maintain a healthy workforce – for the benefit of your staff and for the productivity and continued success of your business. 

It’s common sense, really. The healthier your staff are in mind and body, the less likelihood there is of them taking time off through sickness, which has to be a real win-win situation all round!

Enlist the best help

My Occ Health and our team of highly experienced and fully trained professionals are playing a leading role in keeping businesses on track with the best guidance, support and advice on keeping your staff at work with the focus very much on physical and mental health and general wellbeing, through services such as Employee Health Screenings.

One of the ways companies are going the extra mile is through an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) – something more and more businesses are turning to as they become increasingly aware of the advantages.

An EAP is basically a scheme funded by the employer which offers health benefits to your staff which support productivity and wellbeing. It can include:

  • A health check
  • Discounted gym membership 
  • Confidential counselling
  • A range of advice services
  • Mental health support
  • Online and telephone support

An invaluable service

Employing an EAP is a great asset to any business, providing a programme which is helping many employers deal with any problem that may arise with an employee which could seriously affect their day-to-day job, performance and health and wellbeing.

It can raise awareness and highlight a problem through regular observation and communication which could help identify and tackle the potential problem before it worsens significantly.

All employees are covered by the scheme regardless of age, background or job description and it can lead to early intervention and appropriate action being taken, which may take the form of a referral to an appropriate professional.

For more information about setting up an EAP or how My Occ Health can help you keep your staff healthy and at work, call us on 0330 0945866 or email enquiries@myocchealth.co.uk


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